St Columb Major (CON)

Random Jobs:

Accompanist (sorters, dryers, washers, carders, and similar)
Central Director (directors and similar categories of industry, transport, credit and services)
Grapeseed dryer
Fornaiolo (smelters, fornaioli and trainers)
GuardafermateEngraver of medalsGluing (finishing of yarns and fabrics)Of autofilotranviaria company inspectorWasher (slaughterers, bagging, salting, and similar)Polisher (borsettai, valigiai, and similar)Laborer washeryAirplane mechanicMorchiaioPietrinistaRuvidatoreClipper (welders)Conveyor (textile workers n.a.c.)Ceramist presserConductors of facilities for processing and metal finishingRoadie (road crew - stage)