Worth (WSX)

Random Jobs:

Insider heat recovery
Appaiatore (shoemakers)
Assorter (sorters, dryers, washers, carders, and similar)
Caricacarbone to gasogenes
Sorter (workers involved in the extraction and preparation of n.a.c. minerals)The mower conductorGiuntista (layers of pipes)Mechanical solderingMixer (bakers and pasta makers)Numerator (shoemakers)Edil painterPresser (overseers of chemical equipment and other reps n.a.c. chemical processing)Professor of technical disciplines (secondary school teachers and similar)Cleaner (finishers and cleaners of mechanical products)SecchiaioloBreeder of skinsMatchmaker rentalDyer (painters and polishers wood and straw)Officer / a industrial cablingChief electrician