Weem ()

Random Jobs:

Cellar (winemakers, brewers, workers of the mineral water, alcoholic and soft drinks)
Cape digit office and telegraph
Flinger (profumisti, soap makers, and similar)
Sorter wool
Air army generalInsaccatore (slaughterers, bagging, salting, and similar)Hammerer (glass)MattonellatoreEditing (engravers decorators, mosaic, pottery and glass stones)Mulaio (Drivers of animal-drawn vehicles and similar)Pavimentatore asfaltistaPozzaioloArrester ovens (smelters, fornaioli and trainers)Scarnatore (cravattai, hatters, glove makers, and similar)System administratorAssistant directionDancer (step)Flower growerDirector of pilotage serviceSawing machine operator